Top 10 US National Parks That You Must See

Getting inside an American National Park Kiosk may seem to put you to a relaxing feel away from the hustles and bustles of the city. It can be because of the calming view of trees and blue waters. Or it may be because of the brightly colored flora and fauna. Brace yourself and discover the top 10 US National Parks calling for your attention.

Yosemite National Park

The majestic Yosemite Valley houses massive granite formations crowning the stunning Merced River are what will greet you first in Yosemite National Park. Adding to its beauty is the spectacular waterfall finding its root from the cliff tops forming creeks lovingly made by nature’s hands.

Glacier National Park

At its peak leveling up to 6 646 feet, get a taste of the top of the world feel while you are driving your way to explore the going-to-the-sun road for the drive you will never forget. Surely you will feel closer to the sun as the view would tell that you are at the top of the world’s roof.

Grand Canyon National Park


The Lipan point at this world known park is probably the best spot to watch the sunset. Be inspired as the setting rays come touching your very skin atop this majestic mountain top. If you would prefer to watch it in style, you can do so by lounging in the patio of the famous El Tovar Lodge in the same park.

Grand Teton National Park

If the trip to the wildlife is what fancies you, take a walk over this wildlife watching destination. Feel the rush akin to leaving yourself in the wild as vicious mammals go freely roaming around the place. Wolves and grizzlies add up to the rush while taking the adventure of your lifetime. Plus, get to see the dramatic scenery of the blue waters of Snake River while enjoying the sight of the mountains too.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Mind boggling views are brought right before your eyes when you have been set at the top of the highest mountain peak of the park at 14 259 feet. Get to see the different faces of the wild and the elegant glow of nature’s beautiful scenes.

Zion National Park

Take adventure to the next level while you go on a stroll in this national park. Get to see the world on a different view as this park lets you see a new environment that you may connect to out of the world sites.

Acadia National Park

Get to enjoy the sunset in this park by making your way at its highest point situated in the Cadillac Mountain that is said to be the highest peak too in Maine’s Mt. Desert Island.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Take a glimpse over the ancient world as you finally get to look down at the rock spires situated within the park. This is also a great place to spend time watching the sunset with.

Olympic National Park

Hoh rainforest covered by this park is said to be the wettest land in North America. As it comes to have this characteristic, expect the place shrouded with lichens, mosses and ferns that create just a majestic setting with only a small amount of sunlight peeping in.

Everglades National Park

Ranked 3rd of the largest national parks, this is a vague place accommodating the wildlife. With activities such as kayaking and canoeing, get closer to the wild by taking your sight over crocodiles and alligators freely moving around the park. But before you go for an adventure make sure to pack up your tools and guts as well.

Ways to Go Green That Won’t Hurt the Bank

Comparing the world today from what it is a hundred years ago, you may easily see how it has changed drastically. Natural resources where destroyed to give way for more roads and infrastructures. Though these changes have also marked the modernity of the world and has also been of great advantage, nature takes the consequences. And surely, nature is slowly taking revenge over. So the best way for this battle to be over is to go green.

Considering the problem concerning nature these days, you may easily say that the world seemed to lose hope in bringing back its glow. You may think that there is a need to have a major effort to go green in order to help the world survive but the fact is that your simple steps can do a big difference. Here are the ways on how to finally go green.

plant-treesThe first and most important way to go green is to reduce the effects of global warming. This can be done by planting more trees and plants so that carbon emission will not reach the atmosphere but instead, would be used by plants to grow. Furthermore, to reduce the effects of global warming, you should halt from taking car to work or to school because cars emit carbon too.

Aside from minimizing the effects of global warming, you can also go green by patronizing recycled products. Products are often produced with the aid of trees just like that of paper. This means that there is great deals over recycling as it will save millions of hectares of trees that may be cut down to produce such products.

There is also a big help one can get by using products other than plastic. It will take millions of years for plastic to decompose which means that it will contribute to the bulk of the wastes. If possible, make use of biodegradable containers when shopping. Should there be a need to really make use of plastic, make projects where it will be of good use after so that you will not end up throwing it on the dump.

These are just simple ways to go green. But, when collectively done by people, the world will surely be a better place to live in. Small steps really make a difference rather than not doing anything at all. And if these small steps are garnered, there will be a great change, a good change this time.